Thanks For Nothing

24 Apr

So, this weekend has been kind of interesting. On Friday night, I played a short solo set to open for Thanks For Nothing at a place called Bourbon Boys. On Saturday morning, I played keyboard on a couple of songs with Thanks for Nothing at Springfest in Fayetteville. And finally, tonight I played a short solo set to open & played keyboard on a couple of songs for the band at Ryleighs.

The cool part is that the guys have set everything up (including the keyboard) and put my songs early in the set so that I can take off pretty early. The Bourbon Boys gig was pretty much a bust, the Springfest gig was kind of weird, but the Rylieghs gig was pretty fun. There was a good, responsive crowd and I felt like they even paid attention when I was opening. All of that, and I’m home and getting ready for bed by 11:30.

Anyway, I think I may have written about these guys on my blog before, but I thought I’d mention them again. We’re producing their first CD out at the new studio ( and I recorded a couple of songs for them last year. They’ve got some talent and they’re pretty fun. They just make me feel old. (two of them are 19 and the other is 20…)

If you get a chance check them out. I’ll let you know when their new CD is done. It’s pretty straight ahead pop/rock, but they’ve got a pretty good batch of songs. And of course, I think the recording is sounding pretty great.

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