to blog or not to blog…that is the question….

16 Mar

boy, i suck. Why did I decide to do this blog thing anyway?

I’ve realized that some of the problem stems from the fact that many of the things that consume my thoughts are things that I’m not sure I want everybody reading. There is the rub. Unfortunately, even though I feel like I could talk about somethings without naming names, to many people who may read this, the subject would be obvious. Not to mention the subject could end up reading this him/herself. I’ve thought about starting another blog without telling anybody I know about it, but then what would be the point of trying to keep this blog going?

I’ve never been much of a journaler. Or diarist. Are those even words or did I just make them both up? Maybe I just spelled them wrong, but I’m feeling too lazy to cut and paste in word to spell check.

I’ve still not even finished Tortilla Flat. It seems like I’m really busy, and whenever I’ve free time to read or whatever, I’ve been watching the sopranos. I like it a lot.

ok. At least I’ve blogged something. I’ll try to say something else soon.

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