Welcome to East Hall Recording

14 Dec

Well, it’s about as official as it’s going to get. Follow the link and check out the new home of the Recording Shack.

The story so far:

A couple of years ago, I started getting to know this guy, Chris. We realized quickly that along with being musicians, we share many of the same interests. (star wars, comic books, movies, X-men, music/recording gear…) I knew that he had a lot of equipment and it got to where he’d loan me gear if I needed something and we’d listen to each other’s mixes of projects we were working on, etc.

About a year ago, he started working on his dream of building and running commercial recording studio on his property. As construction progressed I got more and more excited (and a little jealous) for him about how great a facility it looked like it would be. He already had tons of gear, but now he was going to actually have a studio that would easily rival most of the studios in our area.

I am still not sure why, but one day we were talking about how cool the studio was going to be and Chris just said, “You know, you should be my partner.” Let me think…Ok.

And now, the studio is finally ready. We’ve (mostly Chris) has been working on the web-site and flyers and getting ready to let everybody know that we’re here and ready for business. If you know anybody needing any recording of any kind, send them my way. We need some clients.

Check out the web-site. Let me know what you think.

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