08 Dec

Tomorrow, Holly and I are supposed to leave for La Grange, TX where we’re supposed to lead worship for a Jr. High retreat. I wasn’t really excited about this, because it’s a long trip. We’re to be paid pretty well for what we’ll actually be doing, but when you factor in the travel, it just means we’ll have a little bit of money that we didn’t have. Not to mention the fact that we need some money.

So, this was all well and good and then I was just driving the car we were going to take, and the transmission went out! (I’m trying to keep my mind on the good fortune that it went out today and not tomorrow on on our way to TX.) But, not only will it take at least $1000 to put in a new transmission, we’ll have to take the van to La Grange which is going to increase the cost of us simply getting there and back!

I am considering attempting to hand the whole gig off to a guy that I just finished his first CD. He owes me all that he would make on the trip anyway, so I could probably come out about the same and I wouldn’t have to drive there! He’s already said that he’d be interested in doing this, but I can’t get in touch with anybody at the camp to see if they’d go for it, plus I’ve having reservations about giving up the gig just because, you know, it’d be giving up a gig.

argh. I hate cars and I hate needing money.

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