The Force With Me

24 Sep
So, last night after D&D (I got down to -4 HP, rolled crap all night, Margie saved me, we [pretty much lisa who turned into a dragon] killed an army of 1600 ogres, i think i killed 3) Jeff and I got to talking about that we needed to go get the Star Wars trilogy. 
I’ve been wanting it, but I don’t need it, and I figured that would make a pretty decent Christmas present.  However, I realized that I had a bunch of Walmart gift cards saved up from various taste tests and thought I could get buy with maybe paying $10 for the trilogy.  So, Jeff and I went to Walmart at midnight to get it.
When I got to checkout, I handed the girl like 6 Walmart cards that had various amounts on them as I’d used different ones for different things.  Some had $3, som $5, at least one had a full $15.  Once she ran them all, I owed $.47.  I had my hand in my pocket and pulled it out with all the change I had:  exactly $.47!
And may the Force be also with you…
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