Boston in the (almost) Fall

03 Sep

Tomorrow morning, 4:30am, we’re supposed to pick up our friends, J & M and head for the airport where we’re catching a plane to Boston. Why? For fun.

It all started because somebody read about a Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy exhibit that is at this museum in Boston for a little while. M has cousin or something that works at the museum and got us all tickets, so we’re getting to go to the museum for free. Other than that, I don’t really know what’s on the agenda.

We’re flying there, taking a subway downtown and then we’ll be getting around all weekend by foot or by bus or something. It will be interesting.

First, Holly and I hardly ever go anyplace “just because”. We’ve traveled quite a bit, but it’s always been going and performing with some site-seeing on the side. I’m not even taking a guitar.

Secondly, we’ve not traveled with other people very much. We’ve done a couple of tours with my friend Rustin and his wife Marcola, and had a blast. Again, though, we were performing and the point of the trip was career oriented.

J & M are expert travelers and they’ve taken care of almost all the details. Maybe all of them. I’m just showing up.

Anyway…have a good labor day weekend!

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