23 Aug

My sister, Celia, just back from a couple of weeks of touring with her friend, Athena. (I’d link to Athena’s web-site, but I don’t know her last name…)

Also, just received a packet from an indie label/publicity/promotion company out of Athens, GA. It’s the sort of thing that they ask you for permission and some money to put one of your songs on this complilation CD that they’re going to produce and promote to radio stations, etc.

This isn’t really what you’d consider a scam, but is a dubious proposition at least. The only reason I would consider doing it is if I was willing to get out and tour. This is something I’ve been considering a lot lately.

I’ve never been East, and the thing is, if you get far enough east, you don’t have to drive more than an hour or two to be at a new venue. Probably the most you can expect to get paid at a club or coffee house where you’ve never been before would be maybe $100. Of course, if you play every night, that’s $700 a week, not including tips/CD sales.

There are lots of draw-backs. Price of gas. Being gone. Being on the road. Maybe making $100/day. Praying the van doesn’t break down. I’m getting old…maybe I’m too old to be considering this…

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