Just call me "The Computer Master"

17 Aug

So, last wednesday, I sent of the last of the previously mentioned medical terms. Job completed except for waiting for them to send back re-dos. mission accomplished.

With that out the way, I was ready to get focused on and finish a couple of on-going records that I’ve been recording in and around the money job. Not only that, but I’d be able to sit down and blog without the nagging guilt that if I have time to blog I should be working on medical terms…

First, my CD-RW drive crapped out on me. No problem, I got another CD-RW drive at Office Max probably a year ago that was free after all the rebates. I tear apart the computer and pop that in and turn the the computer back on. Nothing. zilch. nada. el zero. not even giving me any bios/boot stuff. that’s bad.

I keep it together, though. I call K, the guy that built my computer about 2.5 years ago. I take it over to his house the next day, and after tinkering for awhile, (and charging me $35!) K tells me the motherboard is fried. ack!

I keep it together. I order a new motherboard. It came today.

Since K decided that he was going to be charging me for what I thought was unlimited tech support until he moved away or I move into a new computer, I decided I could do this.

With the help of my friend, Chris, overseeing and giving advice as needed, I successfully took out the old motherboard and put in the new one. That’s all cool, cuz Chris was there if there was trouble. But, as soon as I put the mother board in, I brought the puter home.

Tonight, I’ve successfully re-formatted my system drive, installed an operating system, hooked up and got running 3 physical hard-drives and a CD-RW, and installed all my PCI cards! Yay me!

No computer’s gonna slow me down…

Random Blog # 274

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