"batchin" it

26 Jul

A few blogs ago I mentioned that death sucks. It bites, too. Will, Holly’s sted-granddad died last wednesday. He was ready and isn’t in pain anymore. That doesn’t change the fact that we don’t get to see him anymore.

Anyway, Holly left for Wichita on Friday, the funeral was Saturday, and she’s staying till Wednesday to just be with her Grammy. I had 4 “gigs” of sorts this weekend between Friday night and Sunday night, so I couldn’t go (and my fingers hurt.)

Holly and I have always been different than other couples. Most people, between jobs, kids, etc have to struggle to carve out little chunks of time to spend together. For the longest time, neither of us had jobs and were out traveling and playing together every weekend. There would be times when we were together 24/7 literally. The cool thing is that even with that much exposures, we don’t get on each other’s nerves very often.

So, here I am without her with me from Friday-Wednesday. We say “Batchin’ It” as in “Living as a Bachelor”. I’m not very good at it.

There was about 9 months in college, before Holly and I were engaged that we were broke up. (That’s another story…) I lived was living in a dorm/house in with my own room and my neighbor, Dean, was a neat-freak and kept the bathroom spotless.

I hardly spent any time in my room, by myself, that whole time. I’d hang out with Dean, I’d got hang out with other girls that were my friends, I’d go flirt with other girls, whatever. Frankly, I spent a lot of time over at Holly’s house making sure nobody came got any wild ideas of getting close to her. (Again…that’s a story for another time….)

The point is, I wasn’t good at being alone then. Holly and I will celebrate our 11 year anniversary in less than 30 days. Do think I’m any better at batching it now?

In some ways, I think I am better at it. Like this weekend, I was pretty busy, so I didn’t have much time to think about it. (Although, I’m pretty used to having Holly singing with me, and it’s always an adjustment when she’s not.) I’ve got tons of those medical terms to work on and they could keep me plenty busy till she gets back. Of course, these medical terms, like homework, are easy to procrastinate. The motivating factor is that the deadline is coming, and I need the money…

Plus, I’ve got Petey to keep me company.

Even so, it’s weird how much I can feel her not being here.

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