recipe for daydreams

20 Jul

I think I am somewhat prone to be overwhelmed. Whether I have work to do, or a big project or working on a new CD. Those are the personal things, but I also get overwhelmed by politics, the state of the world, the poor and homeless, Holly’s step-grandad who is going to die of cancer soon.

Sometimes I think about these things and I just can’t figure a way out. The problems and intricacies seem insurmountable.

So I retreat. I do this a number of ways. I read novels and watch movies. Sometimes I just flip through the 5 channels we have, but usually that overwhelms me again because I’m so disgusted with the inanity of 99% of TV. Sometimes I daydream about winning some sweepstakes and taking a week off every month and taking a cruise and wasting away on a beach somewhere.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed at the thought of blogging.

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