mandolin vs. bass

26 May

A friend of mine just bought an electric guitar from me that I didn’t need. I’ve been trying to decide whether I’m going to use that money to buy a bass or a mandolin.

I’d rather buy a mandolin, but I’m finding that there have been a number of occasions where a decent bass would be useful to me. I think I’ve also decided on a mandolin because I’ve found one in the price range that I need it to be, and it’s pretty good.

I’ve been working on my harmonica playing lately. I don’t know why, but my lips/face get tired from trying to hold my lips right to play specific notes. I’m getting better at picking out melodies, but when I try to play while playing guitar, it’s still a whole new ball-game.

At the Patty Griffin concert, her keyboard player played accordian a lot throughout the concert. And he never touched the Left-hand buttons ONCE! So, now all I think is that I need to just get myself a little bit better accordian and work on my “squeeze technique”.

Then, someday, I might try actually excelling at one of these instruments…

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