29 Apr

For the past few months, Holly and I have been trying to cut down on our expenses. We decided that we would try an experiment and shut off our Satellite TV for awhile and see how well we get along.

This was scary, because we both had our favorite channels. Holly likes the Home Decorating channels and I would usually surf between the music channels, Comedy Central, SciFi, Discovery and the Learning Channel.

Anyway, so now we’re just picking up whatever we can from some rabbit ears and we were both looking forward to getting familiar with “regular” TV. …right!

What we didn’t realize was that for the past couple of years that we’d been on Satellite, primetime TV had gone to crap! All of these inane reality shows and fear factors suck! Not to mention that I swear that commercials are longer more stupid than ever before. How bad is it when the programming is so terrible that I actually get excited when an actually creative commercial comes on? (I’m still impressed with the car commercial that has the Flaming Lips song, “Do You Realize?” playing and you see this car driving through town and everybody is stopping and waving at it. At the end of the commercial they finally show the backseat where a cute kid is sitting in his carseat and waving with a big smile on his face. I hate car commercials and I honestly don’t even know what that commercial is for, but I liked it.)

Coming Soon…the point to this rambling: How I love Freaks and Geeks the TV series.


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